[texhax] JPEG preview of XeLaTeX page?

Gordon Haverland ghaverla at materialisations.com
Thu Jul 7 00:47:12 CEST 2011

On July 6, 2011, Peter Davis wrote:
> Unfortunately, I'm replacing an existing workflow which uses
> JPEG.  I may be able to convert to PNG over time, but I'm
> stuck with JPEG for now.

Just looking through man pages, there is pdf2ps or pdftops.  And 
then there is ps2raster and pstopnm.  One of the output options of 
ps2raster is JPEG.  As far as pstopnm, I think imagemagick can 
convert pnm to JPEG.

For a lark, I took a 1 page PDF and just tried the imagemagick 
program convert, and it did produce a jpeg of that 1 page pdf.  
And convert knows how to resize images I believe.


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