[texhax] colouring the text

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Mon Jul 4 12:38:46 CEST 2011

Dear Paul,

as it does not look like someone else is going to suggest colors usable for
text foreground, here's some colors I'd use. Please keep in mind that
design and colors is *not* my strong side, so if someone contradicts my
suggestions, (s)he might well have a point. This having said, here you go.
The colors are mainly darker versions of the base colors:

\definecolor{ForegroundBlue}        {HTML}{0000A0}  % only slightly darkened
\definecolor{ForegroundCyan}        {HTML}{006060}
\definecolor{ForegroundBlueGreen}   {HTML}{006030}
\definecolor{ForegroundGreen}       {HTML}{006000}
\definecolor{ForegroundOlive}       {HTML}{606000}  % that's what you get when blackening yellow ;-)
\definecolor{ForegroundBrown}       {HTML}{603000}  % blackened orange
\definecolor{ForegroundBordeaux}    {HTML}{600000}
\definecolor{ForegroundPurple}      {HTML}{600060}
\definecolor{ForegroundViolet}      {HTML}{300060}

Of those, I think ForegroundPurple and ForegroundCyan are the most visible
within a black text block, without being too torturous to the eye.

Hope that helps,


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