[texhax] colouring the text

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Fri Jul 1 12:46:54 CEST 2011

Dear Paul,

I used colors for highlighting important information in a long text some time
ago. As the method only works with fairly easy things, this might not solve
your problem. I expect problems with math for example. But at least my color
choices might help you. These are the colors I used:

\definecolor{HighlightYellow}    {HTML}{FFFF00} % identical with yellow
\definecolor{HighlightRed}       {HTML}{FF8080}
\definecolor{HighlightOrange}    {HTML}{FFC080}
\definecolor{HighlightGold}      {HTML}{FFE040}
\definecolor{HighlightGreen}     {HTML}{80FF80}
\definecolor{HighlightCyan}      {HTML}{80FFFF}
\definecolor{HighlightTurquoise} {HTML}{80E0FF}
\definecolor{HighlightBlue}      {HTML}{A0A0FF} % maybe too dark
\ðefinecolor{HighlightLightBlue} {HTML}{C0E0FF}
\definecolor{HighlightBlueViolet}{HTML}{C080FF}	% maybe too dark
\definecolor{HighlightRedViolet} {HTML}{E080FF}
\definecolor{HighlightMagenta}   {HTML}{FF80FF}

For highlighting I used:

% usage: \HL[background color, defaults to yellow]{text to be highlighted}

The documentation of the soul package sheds light on the restrictions for using
its \hl command.

If you stick to changing the foreground color (the text color), you should
choose rather dark tones in my opinion. Too bright colors (like 'green' or 'red')
make reading a torture. I do not have suggestions handy right now, but if none
are given by others, I offer to have a look at this later.

Hope that helps,


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