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William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
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On Jan 28, 2011, at 12:34 PM, Victor Ivrii wrote:

> Few friends of mine  made solutions booklets for school math
> competition (20-30 pp booklet, colour) and would to print and bind
> them  (few hundred copies)  and sell them in order to finance their
> activity (nothing goes to their pockets).
> However they need to find place to print (actually copy) and bind
> them without sacrificing an arm and a leg.  Can anyone give a good
> advice. Place in Canada would be preferable.
> PS. I am sorry for posting not TeXnical question (however, booklets
> were prepared in LaTeX) but this mailing list is frequented by people
> who know these things too.

For such a small quantity, my suggestion would be to just do the imposition oneself, print them on an ink or laserjet printer, then bind them by hand.

For so few pages you can make do w/ just stapling them w/a  binding stapler:


The imposition can be done using pdfpages or written up by hand. See _The Book of Tea_ in the TeX Showcase for an example of doing this.

For a printer, I'd suggest one which has individual ink tanks for each color and which has duplexing (I use a Canon IP6700D).


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