[texhax] FW: Re: best way to create a short html or plain text document with a few references

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Thu Jan 27 00:13:57 CET 2011

"Peter Davis" <pfd at pfdstudio.com>, 23.01.2011 16:31:55:
> UL:
>> Moreover, I wonder whether another package that I may load up to CTAN next days
>> would be useful for this purpose. It does not create any DVI, but writes HTML files
>> directly by expanding macros made just for this purpose.
>> TeX's typesetting machinery isn't involved at all.
>> It reads what you type a little differently to TeX, but it's fast and simple.
> This sounds very interesting, and I'd certainly like to try it when it's available.

Thank you for the warm words, they have powered me, please find the result from


-- blog.sty v0.4.

> (NB: This doesn't help the original poster's concern about re-using bib data.

I am worrying about calling references from the bib database. 
Either one just uses \nocite manually. blog.sty v0.4 does not support 
usual \cite functionality. It reads a line (or a sequence of lines until 
they are "balanced") and "copies" it to the output stream, expanding ...

To support \cite and similar things, blog.sty v0.5 may provide an 
"interception" method in order to issue assignments or 
writing to different output streams. 
I have made such things for specific purposes before, 
but more generally ...



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