[texhax] Question about math fonts in LaTeX

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Thu Jan 20 16:49:58 CET 2011

The following has its problems but it partially solves your problem:


\[\mathbf{letters\ should\ be\ bold\ and\ digits\ in\ typewriter\  
We know try without \texttt{$\backslash$mathbf} but with  a  
\texttt{$\backslash$boldmath} declaration:\boldmath
\[these\ digits\ are\ again\ in\ tt\ font:1234567890\]
But perhaps one does want the digits to be also bold in that case, then  
from the preamble should be
However \$\texttt{$\backslash$mathbf}\{0123456789\}\$ would then give  
in cmtt, and non bold, also after \texttt{$\backslash$boldmath}, which  
not be what is wanted.

Jean-Francois Burnol

Le 20 janv. 11, à 14:41, Vafa Khalighi a écrit :

> Can you change the font of \mathbf so that the font of only digits  
> changes and everything else will be typeset in the default font. For  
> example, say your default font for \mathbf is cmr but you only want to  
> change the font of digits inside \mathbf to cmtt and nothing else so  
> that $\mathbf{xyz0123}$ give you xyz in cmr but 0123 in cmtt. Is this  
> doable? (of course without creating a new font or modifying an  
> existing font)
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