[texhax] Help: about \thanks

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Sun Jan 9 13:15:20 CET 2011

"I.J.L. Garces" <garces at math.admu.edu.ph>, 19.12.2010 19:56:02:
> Instead of \footnote, we use \thanks after the name of an author. The  
> use of \thanks produces the symbols "asterisk," "dagger," etc. in the  
> footnote. Instead of these symbols, I would like numbers to appear in  
> the footnote for \thanks. How will I do it?

Sorry, I erroneously thought something like "use \footnote", 
but now I rather guess (from LaTeX's code) 
that \footnote behaves *much* differently than \thanks.

So, one proposal: in your `document' environment, replace \maketitle by

    {\makeatletter \let\@fnsymbol\@arabic \maketitle}

(sorry, NOT TESTED). 

Second proposal: if the previous works 
according to your wishes, you may prefer just to use \maketitle 
in the `document' environment as usually and to redefine it 
in your document preamble or in a file of your favourite 
self-made macros that you usually input for your documents. 
Such a redefinition could work like this 
(within \makeatletter...\makeatother, or in a .sty or .cls file):

    \let\MakeTitle\maketitle % storing LaTeX's or so
    \renewcommand*{\maketitle}{{\let\@fnsymbol\@arabic \MakeTitle}}

HTH -- Uwe.

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