[texhax] To not expanding macros, is there anything else besides \string?

Barhorst, Alan ALAN.BARHORST at ttu.edu
Wed Jan 5 00:29:14 CET 2011

Hello, I am sorry for the naivety of this question, but here it goes.  I am trying to use \immediate\write on file 14 and 15 for information that is generated/input in my main LaTeX session. They are solutions to problems that I want to assemble in an appendix.  The problem is that any macro I pass to the write command gets immediately expanded, and all I have found in the literature is that I need to put \string in front of every macro.  What I am hoping is that there is one big wrapper macro I can place around anything I want to write to a file for later expansion.  If there is such a creature I would appreciate someone who could point it out to me.  There seems to be hints of this in styles such as inlinedef, but it seems to not work or I don't understand how it works.  


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