[texhax] Bibliography question

Jay H Beder beder at uwm.edu
Mon Feb 28 17:13:42 CET 2011

A number of books incorporate into their bibliography items a list of one or more pages on which the given reference is cited in that book.  For example, the book The Analysis of Variance, by H. Scheffe, contains this entry in the bibliography:
  G. Birkhoff and S. MacLane (1953), A Survey of Modern Algebra, Macmillan, 
  New York. [371, 380, 387]
The three numbers in brackets indicate the pages on which Scheffe cites Birkhoff and MacLane.  Scheffe did this for every entry.

Is there a simple way (or any way) to do this in LaTeX?  I've looked at http://tug.ctan.org and also at the documentation for makebst.tex, but don't see this issue discussed.  

This is of course a useful feature for readers of a book, but it is also useful for someone (like me) writing a book in LaTeX, to track easily where I myself have used a citation.


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