[texhax] WYSIWYG? (was "Linux version of LaTeX")

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Feb 21 12:47:40 CET 2011

I wrote 19.02.2011 13:55:13:
>"Julian Manning" <julian.r.a.manning at gmail.com> wrote 19.02.2011 09:44:41:
>> By the way I have just started to learn Dreamweaver (I am midway studying a BCS). 
>> I see Dreamweaver has a neat feature that allows you to preview the output as you type in the code. 
>> It might be a neat project to set up a Latex editor that way. 
> As a starting point for googling and searching the texhax archive 
> about "WYSIWYG LaTeX", I would like to recommend this TUGboat article:
>    http://www.tug.org/TUGboat/Articles/tb23-1/kastrup.pdf

By chance, I just (re-)discovered that the UK TeX FAQ has a nice overview on 
"WYSIWYG with/vs. TeX":




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