[texhax] MS Word & Mathtype to TeX

Firestone, Elaine R. (GSFC-616.0)[BIOSPHERICAL INSTRUMENTS INC] elaine.r.firestone at nasa.gov
Wed Dec 21 15:48:52 CET 2011

As much as this is really important information to many of us, could someone please change the subject to something more appropriate to the content? Looking at my In box, I thought we were still in the throws of the Word-to-TeX discussion. I would have done it myself, but I didn't know what to call it.


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On Dec 20, 2011, at 11:53 PM, Pierre MacKay wrote:

> On 12/20/2011 6:36 PM, Philipp Stephani wrote:
>> 2011/12/21 Pierre MacKay<pierre.mackay at comcast.net>:
>>> A new arrival to LaTeX is not going to know that what would be needed is
>>> something like  'latex "&latex \input whatever.tex" ', and there is no
>>> reason why he should have to know that.  texsys.config is no use at all, and
>>> a new user should not have to think about texsys.config anyway.
>> Have you ever tested what actually happens when you type "latex"? Of
>> course a simple "latex filename.tex" works as expected.
> I REALLY WISH IT DID, BUT IT DIDN'T IN MY CASE.  I got just the effect 
> that one of the earlier messages
> did.  I  typed "latex filename.tex"  and was told that \documentclass 
> was undefined.
> Pierre MacKay
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