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You do realize this is a discussion about the pros and cons about 

TeX and other typesetting/word processing systems, which several members 

of the TeX support group have kindly explained to me . So, unlike 

the situation over at  skepticalscience.com (for example) 

where the far-outnumbered Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) deniers continue 

to post denials about AGW no matter how much  proof and evidence of AGW is thrown at them, 

this discussion here is one about value judgements - 

helping me to decide whether it is worth MY time to pursue TeX further - 

i.e. a discussion about what should be (for me), not what is. 

Proving that the pros outweigh the cons for one system 

does not contradict the possibility that the pros outweigh the cons for other systems. 

Similarly, the cons could outweigh the pros for ALL systems, 

so NOTHING should ever be composed on a computer or edited! 

(I know THAT is not true, since it is not true for MS Word + Mathtype.) 

I will just have to wait and see if the journal will absolutely REQUIRE 

me to re-type my submitted paper into TeX (if they accept it, first). 

Again - I wouldn't have COME here if it weren't for this possibility. 

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You do realize that you are writing to a group of people who have put 
forth the effort to learn how to use this system, and, generally, are 
very happy with it. I know of no one in any technical field (including 
linguistics, my field) who has put forth the effort to learn TeX and 
then opted to use something like Word as their document preparation 
system. Your hesitation to put forth the effort that we have all already 
invested to learn how to get one's computer to do something this useful 
says more about you than it does about TeX, I'm afraid. It's hard, but 
it just isn't THAT hard. 

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