[texhax] twocolumn with lineno per page centered and only once for both columns

Dieter Studer dieterstuder at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 14 14:22:07 CET 2011

Dear Donald,
I think I found the solution with the help of Uwe Lück.

My minimal example (for a dialect dictionary) runs as follows:

%just for blindtext
%15pt seems to be the centering value
%no effect
%does the job
%no headers when a new letter starts
%new letter starts
%creates some blindtext

You were already the third person that tried to help me! That's very kind and I appreciate it a lot!

Best wishes,

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>Betreff: Re: [texhax] twocolumn with lineno per page centered and only once
for both columns
>Dieter Studer <dieterstuder at yahoo.com> writes:
Dear support, I've been searching some info for a couple of hours now, but I
haven't been able to find anything in the multicol or lineno documentation
nor on-line (except for another person asking the same question without
>> getting an answer).  I would like to use a twocolumn layout
(preferably with
multicol, but [twocolumn] would be fine, too) and I would like to number the
lines in the gap between the columns. For both the left column and the
column I would like to use the same line number
you ask for is clearly impossible because the lines 
the two columns are not held in registration.  However, if
only want a ruler or a column of numbers -- not *line*
-- then that looks feasible.  I
don't know of a 
solution, but one could be concocted if it doesn't
>exist already. 
the other hand, it is probably not too difficult to modify
to supress one set of line numbers.
>Donald Arseneau                          asnd at triumf.ca
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