[texhax] twocolumn with lineno per page centered and only once for both columns

Hubert Lam hubert at lamfamily.info
Wed Dec 14 03:30:28 CET 2011

Does text need to be next to the line numbers?


1 Lorem Ipsum
2 Lorem Upsium
3 Lorem Upsum

Or are you just simply trying to create a page of lines with numbers?



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Dear support,
I've been searching some info for a couple of hours now, but I haven't been able to find anything in the multicol or lineno documentation nor on-line (except for another person asking the same question without getting an answer).
I would like to use a twocolumn layout (preferably with multicol, but [twocolumn] would be fine, too) and I would like to number the lines in the gap between the columns. For both the left column and the right column I would like to use the same line number (or alternatively only use the line number for the left column and discard/suppress the line number for the right column). The line number ought to start over on each page (pagewise). If it would work with memoir and XeLaTeX that would be extra nice.

Line1  1  Line5
Line2  2  Line6
Line3  3  Line7
Line4  4  Line8

Line09  1  Line13
Line10  2  Line14
Line11  3  Line15
Line12  4  Line16


I know this is a little extravagant, but I would like to do this for backwards compatibility with a publication published in Word.
Do you think this is possible at all (with my very limited TeX-skills)?

Thanks for any kind of advice (and if it's RTFM, as long as you can give me a hint as to which manual).

Many thanks,
Dieter Studer

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