[texhax] Beamer Error

Doug Faires jfaires at ysu.edu
Thu Oct 21 23:40:43 CEST 2010

> Am 21.10.2010 22:52, schrieb Doug Faires:
>> Thanks for the quick reply. I have attached the file together with the
>> output that was produced before I
>> discontinued execution. I hope this is satisfactory.
> No file BeamerTrial1.aux.
> *geometry* driver: auto-detecting
> *geometry* detected driver: dvips
> ! Undefined control sequence.
> \Gm at lmargin ->\Geom at lmargin
> l.3 \begin{document}
> Update your beamer version. It is a problem with the latest
> update of the geometry package.
> Herbert
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Thank you.That seems to have, at least initially, solved the problem.

For others who might fall into the same trap, be aware that the version 
of Beamer at Sourceforge


is 3.07. I reinstalled this version before I sent my original query. I 
neglected to read the fine print which reads:

The Beamer class is a LaTeX class for creating presentations using a 
Home page:http://bitbucket.org/rivanvx/beamer

The version at Bitbucket is 3.10. The version 3.07 gave the errors, the 
version 3.10 did not.

Sorry for my negligence.




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