[texhax] Executing a script with \href{run:script.sh}

James Quirk jjq at galcit.caltech.edu
Thu Oct 21 22:45:51 CEST 2010


> I find this very interesting and this would certainly be a good option
> for me. However, I could not get AR to play sound in your example
> above. If I load the url in Firefox it plays it with sound. Any ideas
> why? (I'm on Fedora 13 and AR 9.3.4 and Flash
First off you are *not* using Flash with AR 9.3.4 .
AR comes bundled with its own FlashPlayer which for AR 9.3.4 is
9,0,280,0 which you can verify by changing directory to:


and running:

   strings libauthplay.so | grep LNX

Regarding the business with the sound, I used to have it the
other way around i.e. when playing a video in AR the sound
would not work in Firefox. This had to do with the way
my audio device was set up. So what I suggest you do is
try exiting Firefox and see if AR can then play sound when it
is the only sound oriented application. A reboot may be in order
to clear any file locks. 

But as I indicated in my posting, the /RichMedia capablity has not yet 
bedded down and so you may be out of luck. For example, on my machine, 
OpenSUSE 10.3, I find the loading of video is intermittent. Some days the 
connection is fine and on others the video refuses to connect. I have a 
secondary machine running OpenSUSE 11 and that has the same problem. While 
my wife's Linux machine, Ubuntu 9.1, flatly refuses to show anything at 
all. On the other hand my OSX 10.5.7 laptop never has any 
problems displaying the YouTube videos, which leads me to believe the 
problems  I'm having are all Linux-specific, rather than being a 
fuction of my internet provider.

> /h

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