[texhax] \includegraphics command is not working

Doug Faires jfaires at ysu.edu
Thu Oct 21 22:36:15 CEST 2010

> Hi
> I am a new latex user. I am using MikTex 2.8 version and also using 
> WinEdt 6.0 version. I am using these under windows operating system.
> For some resaon the \includegraphics command is not working. Here I 
> have attached a simple code that I have been using for testing. If I 
> don't use any extension for the figure name, the code gives an error 
> that /the file is not found/. The figure file is in the same folder 
> that .tex file is. if I add the extension (.eps) to the figure name 
> then it gives a new error that /the extension is unknown/. I don't 
> have any clue why the command is not working.
> Any help is appreciable.
> Thanks
> Mostafa
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There is an easy way to include EPS files in WinEdt 6.0, and the later 
versions of 5.

Go to Options then Execution Modes.

Choose PDFTeX or PDFTeXify and go to TeX Options.

You will see a heading for the  Method you wish to employ.

  If you want to include EPS files choose the last one on the list

dvi -> ps -> pdf

Hit OK and you are done .




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