[texhax] document broken under windows

Arno Trautmann Arno.Trautmann at gmx.de
Thu Oct 14 20:55:51 CEST 2010

Hi all,

sorry for taking so long to answer but I was horribly busy this week …
So: I could bring this down to the following minimal example. I included
Heiko's code, but that does not solve the problem. The error is raised
by Acrobat Reader (testing under Linux, I hope it behaves the same under
Windows) when using an unmatched parenthesis as stated by Heiko. Only
the third argument of cooltooltip makes trouble, the second one is fine.

I am using the second /and/ the third one, as all viewers I am using
only show the third (actually a URL) and not the second one – which only
Acrobat Reader does show. Therefore I am looking for a solution to make
the third argument robust. Unfortunately, Heiko's Code does not help
here. Did I make any mistakes?





\renewcommand*{\ctip at make@Text}[3][0 1 0]{%
  \pdfstringdef\ctip at Subj{#2}%
  \pdfstringdef\ctip at Contents{#3}%
  \pdfannot width 0pt height 0pt depth 0pt {
    /Subtype /Text
    /C [#1]
    /Subj (\ctip at Subj)
    /Contents (\ctip at Contents)
    /NM (ctip Text \ctip at tip@number)
    /AP <<
      /N \ctip at empty@icon\space 0 R
      /D \ctip at empty@icon\space 0 R
      /R \ctip at empty@icon\space 0 R
    /Open false

 \cooltooltip{label}{description}{more description(}{}{content}


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