[texhax] document broken under windows

Thomas Schneider schneidt at mail.nih.gov
Fri Oct 8 20:14:32 CEST 2010

> I have a document that
> ??? compiles fine
> ??? looks fine
> ??? opens fine in a pdf-viewer.
> At least running Linux. On a windows machine, the pdf seems to be
> horribly broken. In one viewer, the letters E and u are just missing
> everywhere. Another viewer (one was evince, one AcrobatReader) didn???t
> show the correct formatting in some parts. Both viewers did not show
> about 4 or 5 pages but just tiny squares instead of them.
> I don???t have a windows copy here so I cannot test anything. Would it be
> possible for anyone to have a look at the following document:
> http://github.com/alt/tex-overview/raw/b446b0825d7a7f159b92d179ab8a8f9057564bc4/tex-overview.pdf

Mac OS X Acrobat 8.1.0 at page 10 says "There was a problem reading
this document (14)" in a popup window.  That and following pages show
a white rectangle on a grey background up to page 18.  Page 19 on are

Skim is slow at page 4 but does display everything.


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