[texhax] Latex Question

vthomas at math.binghamton.edu vthomas at math.binghamton.edu
Fri Oct 8 12:56:40 CEST 2010

Hello All,

          I have a latex question. Suppose i am in section two of my latex
document and within section two i am in Proposition 2.10. Now i
want to write two equations within Proposition 2.10 and want to
number them as (2.10.1) and (2.10.2). The only way i know to do
that right now is use \tag command. But the problem with this is
that if in the future i realize that i have to add a corollary
just before Proposition 2.10, then Proposition 2.10 is
automatically changed to Proposition 2.11 but my equations are
still numbered (2.10.1) and (2.10.2), which ofcourse i want to
avoid. So is there a way that the 3rd counter is changed
automatically in latex?

Thank you in Advance
Viji Thomas

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