[texhax] Problem with Appendices

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Sat Nov 20 00:50:14 CET 2010

hello, bala,

    thanks for the reply. I had an error with the command you gave. But I know
    what it does and slightly modified it. It put an extra entry in the TOC.

the answer was actually to a different
(but related) question).  i'm glad you
found it helpful.

    Finally I got rid of the \appendix and used following commands to achieve
    the goals




    {\bf APPENDIX}\\






there's an even better way to do this.
it's described in the ams author faq, at
the second question actually applies to
your situation better than the first, but
i want to take this opportunity to point
out this resource to other users of the
ams document classes.  the general link
for the entire faq is
and that has a box to enter search terms.
						-- bb



    On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 2:07 PM, Barbara Beeton <bnb at ams.org> wrote:

    > On Fri, 19 Nov 2010, Uwe Lueck wrote:
    >    >From "amsbook" I guess this unanswered request is an AMS issue,
    > therefore
    >    that Cc.
    > in fact, ams tech-suypport responded to
    > the original inquiry at once (i should
    > have sent a cc to texhax), and requested
    > some additional information.
    > as it turned out, at least these three
    > packages being used overwrote the normal
    > conventions of amsbook:
    >  - appendix.sty
    >  - titletoc.sty
    >  - titlesec.sty
    > so it's really not an amsbook problem.
    > the only "simple" solution i could find
    > was a real hack -- add the line
    >  \addtocontents{toc}{\def\chaptername{Appendix}}
    > immediately after the line
    >  \appendix
    > in the file.  this did the trick.
    > let this be a warning that not all document
    > classes have been tested with all possible
    > add-on packages, and vice versa.  and the
    > authors of the different classes and
    > packages may not be intimately familiar
    > with the workings of the other ones.  we
    > do try to be helpful, so that a user will
    > end up with what s/he wants, but sometimes
    > the circumstances are just too arcane to
    > provide an "elegant" or "permanent" solution.
    >                                                -- bb
    >    [...]

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