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Sohrab, Houshang hsohrab at towson.edu
Wed Nov 17 14:02:50 CET 2010

To prepare the second edition of my book, Birkhauser wants me to use the "svmono" package (I am attaching the package mono.zip).

I am currently using PCTeX 5, which was recently installed in my computer and I am not quite familiar with it. For example, I don't know in which folder specific files such as "style files" are located. My question is this:

Where does this package go? Should the files be pasted in different files or all in one place , and where would that be?!

I would be extremely grateful for any help with this.


Houshang Sohrab

P.S. I just got the following comments from Birkhauser, but I am not sure what he means by "WORKING DIRECTORY". I will ask him, but still I would be grateful for your comments because they don't seem to be working with PCTeX and may not be as familiar with it as you are and I may need need other packages to be installed as he claims.. Here is what he suggests:

Dear Professor Sohrab,

You do not have to install the SVMono package in order to use it. The easiest way to get started with SVMono is to copy the document class into your working directory where you have the LaTeX source of your manuscript. The document class is named svmono.cls and is available in the "styles" directory of the zip archive, svmono.zip. If you plan on using makeindex or BibTeX, you will also need to copy the makeindex style file (svind.ist) as well as the BibTeX styles (*.bst) into your working directory. The "templates" directory contains sample LaTeX source files that could also serve as templates on which to pattern your own LaTeX source. The file book.tex within the "templates" directory may be used a sample of your main LaTeX file. Also included in the zip archive are author instructions, a quick start guide and a reference guide for SVMono, all in PDF format.

I would suggest you try copying the contents of the templates directory to a separate directory on your computer. Copy the file svmono.cls from the styles directory into this directory and then run LaTeX on the file book.tex. You may have to install a few LaTeX packages that are not included in PCTeX but are required to use SVMono correctly. All of the packages that Springer recommends that you use are available on CTAN (http://www.ctan.org/). If you need help with installing any of them, please do let me know.

Rajiv Monsurate

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