[texhax] WYSEEWYG Editors for LaTeX

Paul Stanley paulrichardstanley at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 21:13:52 CET 2010

thanks William and others who have contributed to this thread.
I suppose I should download and test the programs mentioned below to 
see which one is best suited to my specific needs and requirements.
What I'd like to know is why LaTeX isn't used in place of html and 
css on the web.

At 14:46 09/11/2010, you wrote:
>On Nov 9, 2010, at 8:42 AM, Paul Stanley wrote:
> > I have heard of such things and what I'd like to know is, is the 
> LaTeX source *interpreted*, as it were, live in the edit window?
>Yes, both LyX and TeXmacs afford one the option of directly typing 
>(La)TeX code and then having it converted on-screen into a formatted 
>example (which retains the ability to be further edited).
>For example, in LyX one would invoke a menu command which would 
>insert a math equation construct (Insert | Math | Inline(or Numbered 
>or Display) Formula) and one could then begin typing. Typing a ``^'' 
>would create a superscript and place the cursor in said superscript box.
>Typing \frac inserts a fraction construct and places the cursor in 
>the numerator field.
> > for example, say, I wanted to typeset a fraction such as 
> `\frac{x}{y^2}', would I be able to *see* the result of my code 
> immediately, that is to say, without having to run the LaTeX 
> compiler separately?
>Yes. LyX and TeXmacs also make it possible to interactively create 
>equations using palettes of buttons which can then be converted into 
>the textual representation which can then be edited.
>Was this what you wished to know?
>William Adams
>senior graphic designer
>Fry Communications
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