[texhax] General Advice on Combining Documents for a Thesis

Henry Law news at lawshouse.org
Fri May 28 19:19:12 CEST 2010

Thomas Jacobs wrote:
> Can anyone advise if this is possible or if I need to create five
> separate LaTeX projects and their resulting output .pdf files
> (manually handling the page numbers and thesis table of contents) and
> then use Acrobat to combine the five resulting files?  Thanks very
> much.

I can't help with the meat of your question (and will be interested to 
see the discussion) but on the subject of PDF editing do you already 
have Acrobat?  If not, be aware that it's criminally expensive (over 
UKP500 where I live).

There's a java package called "multivalent" which will extract and 
recombine pages from PDF and it's free.  There may be others too.


Henry Law            Manchester, England

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