[texhax] verbatim in beamer?

Lim Lian Tze liantze at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 03:50:29 CET 2010

> It seems I can not use verbatim environment in beamer presentations.
> Is it true? I always get errors.

Use the "fragile" option for slides that contain verbatims:

\frametitle{This slides contains verbatim text}
_iNum = 0;

> On the other hand, how do you guys show source code (c, c++, bash,
> etc)  with beamer? Is there any suggestion to try?

My personal preference is the listings package, but there are lots of other
alternatives. Don't forget you'll need the "fragile" option too if a slide
contains the lstlisting environment (from the listings package).

Best regards,
- Lian Tze -
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