[texhax] Can anyone tell me what these characters are?

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Sun Mar 21 11:07:50 CET 2010

Am Sat, 20 Mar 2010 20:56:28 -0400 (EDT) schrieb Micha Hofri:

> Thanks to all who offered help.
> It is still a puzzle.  Initially this list of symbols was part of the
> frontmatter of a book.  To narrow the search down I ran it alone, but with
> the same (rococo) preamble.  The entire list is encapsulated between a
> pair of \begin{align*} and \end{align*}.  The complaint below---and I am
> now told I should view it as a benign report---pops up as soon as the line
> \begin{align*} is encountered, even if the entire list is deleted, and
> nothing at all is printed.
> So it is not about a mathematical symbol/glyph!?
> I asked since I assume there should be some malformed character in the
> two-page list, and I could not find it.  Now we know: not about a symbol
> -- but then, what is it?

Well it would be a lot easier to answer your question if you had
sent a small, complete example that shows your font setup.

In any case: At the start of align* LaTeX has to setup some math
fonts so substituation messages at this point are quite normal. 

Ulrike Fischer 

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