[texhax] '\settabs 2 \columns' produces obscene whitespace.

Kevin O'Mara kjomara at scienceus.org
Thu Mar 11 18:55:46 CET 2010

As an exercise in trying to learn TeX, I am trying to create my resume 
in TeX. I get to a point where I want to add in my employer and years 
employed in a 2 column table (without lines). However, whenever I 
specify two columns, I get a lot of whitespace between the Top and the 
Base of the document.  Between the hrule and the word "Objective".  What 
is going on here? It is taking up useful space, and I can't seem to get 
rid of it with \hfills and \vfills. Thanks.

\font\bigrm = cmr10 scaled \magstep 2
\font\smallrm = cmr10 scaled \magstep 1
\tolerance = 10000
\baselineskip = 1 pt
\centerline{\it Resume of X}
\hfil \break
\rightline{Phone: 555-555-5555}
\hfil \break
\rightline{Cell: 555-555-5555}
\hfil \break
\rightline{unknown at unknown.com}
\parskip = 0 pt
\parskip = 0 pt
\par I wish to work at this position. This is taking up some space.
\parskip = 0pt
\hfil \break \break
\item{(1)}asfasfd \it XXXX \rm
\item{(2)}sadf, \it XXXX \rm
\item{(3)}asdf, \it XXX \rm
\hfil \break \break
\item{(1)}Cert #1
\item{(2)}Cert #2
\hfil \break \break
\hsize = 8 in
\settabs 2 \columns
\+ \it \smallrm XXXX, Inc. (Baltimore, MD / Lancaster, PA) & June 2007 - 
Present \cr
\centerline{\bigrm Director}
\hfil \vfil \break \break

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