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>Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 22:27:31 +1100
>From: Don Gingrich 
>To: texhax at tug.org
>Subject: [texhax] Underlined text - preferably Courier or equivalent
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>I've only got my older copies of _A Guide to LaTeX2e_ and
>_The LaTeX Companion_ at home where I'm writing this, and I
>don't remember seeing this anywhere in any case.

>What I am trying to do is to talk about Unix man pages,
>and I've noticed that the latest GNU man pages use underlined
>all-caps for _OPTIONS_ in the SYNOPSIS, for example or 
>-F _FILE_ 
>Is there a way that I can generate underlined fixed pitch
>type that would look like what a student would see on a
>computer screen looking at the page? Part of me suspects 
>that there should be a way since I cannot be the first person
>to want to do this.
>Also, it would be brilliant if I could get italic and bold
>fixed pitch type for things like the \texttt{-f {\it filename}}
>which doesn't work but gives the flavour of what I'd like to do.
>Don Gingrich
>gingrich at rmit.edu.au       School of CSIT, RMIT Melbourne, Au
>gingrich at acm.org           don.gingrich at member.sage-au.org.au

What is wrong with with the standard way?


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