[texhax] inovoke command without backslash ?

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Mar 3 16:17:02 CET 2010

At 07:13 03.03.10, Goebel, Juergen wrote:

>wawan  wrote:
> > is it possible in Tex/latex, call a command without "\"
> > for example, I have several symbols \stop ( stoping symbol) \goehead ( 
> goe had sybol) etc.
>AFAICS no. How would TeX know whether you want to set the word 'stop'
>or use the command 'stop'? You always need an escape character for that.

Has anybody mused about or tried using ^^M and blank space as escape char?

Another approach: ^^M and blank space active, emulating an escape char or 
TeX's tokenizing (using \ifcat11=).



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