[texhax] \eqno and \begin{split}

J. Garrett Morris jgmorris at cecs.pdx.edu
Tue Mar 2 00:17:32 CET 2010


I've been using a macro to provide word labels for my equations:


Which I use like:

   A \vdash \pi \impl true(\pi, A) \eql{Soundness}

I imagined that I'd be able to use this with the various amsmath
equation splitting features ... something like:

\begin{equation*} \begin{split}
  & ...  \\
  & ...
\end{split} \eql{Soundness} \end{equation*}

But this produces "You can't use \eqno in math mode".  I've tried
various other permutations of the eqno and the split, and it doesn't
seem to help.

So, questions:
  1) Is there a better way I should have been generating equation
labels all along?
  2) If there isn't, is there a way to get my macro and split to work
happily together?



I am in here

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