[texhax] a pdf font encoding question -- revised ( links instead of attachments)

Michael Barnett michaelb at Princeton.EDU
Sat Jun 19 15:24:10 CEST 2010

Dear "texhax",

Karl Berry suggested that I email you and texfonts at math.utah.edu for 
possible suggestions concerning a problem I have encountered.

It concerns base alignment of multiple text strings that are part of a 
piece of Mathematica graphics.

The problem is described completely in 
<cid:part1.07000607.07020109 at princeton.edu>

The file http://www.princeton.edu/~michaelb/nmr/projects2/mscp/fofsq.pdf 
explains how ofsq was produced. It need not be read to understand the 

The problem arose in my use of Mathematica 2D graphics for the diagrams 
in a paper which I coauthored, that appeared recently in the Journal of 
Magnetic Resonance. 204 (2010) 189--195, doi: 10.1016/j.jmr.2010.01.009, 
2010. This need not be read to see the problem, either, but it 
reinforces my practical concern for a clean solution before I extend the 
software of that paper for its successor, and before I can help some 
colleagues draw other Mathematica graphics that contain text.

I am not being lazy in seeking help rather than pitching in to the study 
of the PostScript reference manual. I am 81, with a large backlog of 
material on other topics that I am trying to wrap up while I can.

I wrote Nelson Beebe for a referral last week, and he said he would try 
to look at the problem but not until the end of the Summer, so I saw no 
harm in casting further afield.


Michael Barnett
Professor Emeritus City University of New York

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