[texhax] texmakerx, and mactex

Tom Backer Johnsen backer at psych.uib.no
Sun Jan 31 19:10:44 CET 2010

I am not exactly a beginner.  I have used LaTeX for years, but up to 
very recently only on Windows machines, mainly using WinEdt and 
TeXnicCenter.  In general have used PC's since the early 80's, way 
before Windows arrived.

Even so I find it a clear advantage  to use an editor dedicated to the 
generation of a pdf file from LaTeX source.  That eliminates a lot of 
problems that may become a distraction from the main thing, writing a 
text.  There are so many things that can go wrong with LaTeX, e.g. pairs 
of brackets , options, \begin - \end pairs, spell checking, etc.  So, no 
thank you, in my opinion GUI type programs have clear advantages over a 
terminal window alone.  I am very grateful that some people take the 
trouble to develop and maintain such programs.


hh wrote:
> Is there no chance to generate the pdf- file from the ps-file?
> (after latex file.tex -> file.dvi -> dvips file -> file.ps)
> hh
> In other OS there are free "translaters" (e.g. FreePdf in Windows XP)
> hh
> PS: I prefer to avoid the implemented GUI and run LaTeX from a 
> Windows Terminal (prompt?). 
> But that would be probably bad advise for a beginner.
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>> Thanks, that message got me a bit closer.  I evidently have to learn 
>> something about references to catalogs/directories on OSX.  I now manage
>> to run Latex on a relatively large project.  So far, so good.  But when 
>> I try PdfLatex with TeXmakerx I get some weird messages where the first 
>> one is  "Undefined  control sequence  \documentclass".  And no pdf 
>> output.  So, I am not there yet.

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