[texhax] Question

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Wed Jan 20 00:33:33 CET 2010


>> [...]
>> You can configure it in TeXShop -> Preferences -> Preview tab:
>> under ``External Editor'' check ``Automatic Preview Update''. Also,
>> if you want TeXShop to act always as a previewer only, in the Source
>> tab, under ``On Startup'', check ``Configure for External Editor''.
> I think this should be standard ad not hidden away like that.  I can't
> see why you won't want to always update!  Computers should be
> responsive lively things, not donkeys that pull back on the rope all
> the time.

I can't help but quote Knuth: "The TeXbook", p. 9:

	Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.

And it is not hidden at all ---it's right there in big letters in Preferences.

Now ---TeXShop updates automatically the PDF when you use it's own editor, but it allows you to use its PDF preview part with an external editor: you just have to check that option in its Preferences.
> TeXShop has two things that prevent me from using it:
> 1. The windows seem tiny and cramped and it wasn't obvious how to
> resize things or to easily change the font size in the editing window.

William answered this.

> 2. I can't use my favorite editor (vim) in the editing window, so
> would have to use up time futzing with the mouse.

Of course you can! You can edit in Vim and have TeXShop updating the PDF in the background. I often use both TeXShop and Skim in this way with Emacs.



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