[texhax] Question

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Tue Jan 19 15:09:12 CET 2010


> > [...] I still don't have a smart pdf reader that updates itself
> > when the file changes

I got xpdf and latexmk going, thanks to the author!  Works like a

> TeXShop's previewer does [1], and so does Skim
> http://skim-app.sourceforge.net/

Ah that's a new one, thanks for pointing it out!

> though the latter will always ask the first time if this is what you
> want;

How obnoxious.  Don't people get that it's bad design to ask about
things?  Put up a message, sure, but don't make the user waste time
clicking 'ok' all the time!!

> both update (reload) the PDF whatever the editor you're using
> (the shell, Emacs...).
> [1] You can configure it in TeXShop -> Preferences -> Preview tab:
> under ``External Editor'' check ``Automatic Preview Update''. Also,
> if you want TeXShop to act always as a previewer only, in the Source
> tab, under ``On Startup'', check ``Configure for External Editor''.

I think this should be standard ad not hidden away like that.  I can't
see why you won't want to always update!  Computers should be
responsive lively things, not donkeys that pull back on the rope all
the time.

TeXShop has two things that prevent me from using it:

1. The windows seem tiny and cramped and it wasn't obvious how to
resize things or to easily change the font size in the editing window.

2. I can't use my favorite editor (vim) in the editing window, so
would have to use up time futzing with the mouse.

Perhaps the authors would consider implementing these?



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