[texhax] Defining a new font in Plain Tex

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I think what you want is covered in a brief note I wrote some time ago:
The title of the article may seem irrelevant:
    [texhax] How can I "condense" or "narrow" an existing font? -- solution
but I think it covers what you need -- how to define a new font -- and 
gives pointers to detailed instructions.

    Good luck,

 > From: "Firestone, Elaine R. (HQ-279.0)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND
 >     APPLICATIONS INC]"    <elaine.r.firestone at nasa.gov>
 > Subject: Re: [texhax] Defining a new font in Plain Tex
 > So, what I need is coding that'll work in pdfTeX or Plain Tex. When I 
typeset it in Plain TeX, I got the error message
 > "kpathsea: Invalid fontname `Bank Gothic Medium', contains ' '
 > ! Font \bankgothicM="Bank Gothic Medium" at 16.0pt not loadable: 
Metric (TFM) file not found.

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