[texhax] Unused macros

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Sat Jan 2 14:30:43 CET 2010

On 02/01/2010 12:02, Victor Ivrii wrote:
 > Usually starting a new document I copy the preamble of the previous
 > similar document and I strongly believe that most of the people do the
 > same. As a result preambles grow big, sometimes much bigger than the
 > article itself. I wonder if there is a method (except trial and error)
 > to eliminate or comment out macros which are not used.
 > Thank you
 > Victor

Well, you could make sure that each of your commands writes to the log 
when it is used, then use the log information to see which ones are in 
use.  A bit long-winded, perhaps, but better than trial-and-error!
Joseph Wright

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