[texhax] Help Regarding TeX works

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Dec 29 23:52:57 CET 2010

Dear Vinoth,

"prem kumar" <pvklatexsoft at yahoo.com>, 09.12.2010 16:55:24:
> I am Vinoth Kumar S. tex template & perl application developer working in Chennai.
> I created few applications and I am interested to add/share such
> applications within MiKTeX or other tex utils directory 
> "texmf/miktex/bin/*.exe".
> Please note that this applications are useful for tex users
> which involved in LaTeX journals/Books productions.
> Please advise how can I add this applications to "texmf\miktex\
> bin\..." environment with proper approval.
> thanks
>  -vinoth-

please contribute via 


That is the "input" for TeX-related software addressing any TeX users. 

MiKTeX only is one "output stream" for distributing TeX-related software, 
drawing from CTAN.

You "contribute" -- they "distribute" -- :-)

Thanks in advance on behalf of the TeX users' community!
(... although nobody elected me to act on their behalf ...)

Ahm, your subject line was somewhat misleading, 
I thought you were asking about TeXworks: 




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