[texhax] includegraphics and image scaling

Peter Davis pfd at pfdstudio.com
Thu Dec 9 22:25:40 CET 2010

I have a couple of .jpg files that are 1024 x 768 pixels, with a resolution
of 96dpi.  If I just include them in my LaTeX document with:


they appear on the page at 1024bp x 768bp.  In effect, the resolution is
ignored, and they're scaled up by 1/3.

Is there a way to get LaTeX to scale based on the resolution in the file,
without my having to explicitly read the .jpg file and get the resolution

I'm writing a program that generates LaTeX from XML, so I'd like to simply
tell LaTeX to do the right thing, without having to explicitly check the
resolution in every file to generate my \includegraphics command.

I'm looking at the options in D. Carlisle's _Packages in the 'graphics'
bundle_ document, but I don't see any options that look like what I'm

Thank you!

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