[texhax] Some help with xy

Alan T Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Thu Dec 9 20:36:19 CET 2010

Hi all,

Sorry for the cross post. Could do with some advice with xy.

I want to have the arrows that overlap the text (and frames) in the  
minimal example below just point at the left edge of the right frames.  
I should mention to ignore the frames themselves. They will be removed  
when I have figured out what is going on. I had previously had this in  
another document and when it was typeset the arrows all nicely lined  
up along the frame edges, both left and right. Somewhere in the past  
few years (well, since 2008 anyway) something seems to have changed in  
TeXLive and it wasn't this.

Oh, and I am now using parboxes instead of txt because it gives better  
control over the text formatting.





\xymatrix at R=4pt@!C=18pc@*[F]@*[]{
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright Customers} \ar[r]
					\ar @/^/[dr]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Please the customers}  \\
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Balance priorities of different  
customers}  \\
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright Products} \ar @/^/[ruu]
					\ar @/^/[ru]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Match process flexibility with  
product variability} \\
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright Work practices} \ar @/^/[ru]
					\ar @/_/[rd]
					\ar @/_/[rdd]
					\ar @/_/[rddd]
					\ar @/_/[rdddd]
					\ar @/_/[rddddd]
					\ar @/_/[rdddddddd]
					\ar @/_/[rdddddddddd]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Perform the work efficiently}  \\
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Encourage appropriate use of  
judgement}  \\
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Control variances (problems) at their  
source} \\
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Monitor the quality of both inputs  
and outputs} \\
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Boundaries between business process  
steps should facilitate control} \\
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright Participants} \ar[r]
					\ar @/_/[rd]
					\ar @/_/[rdd]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Match the work practices with the  
participants} \\
				 	& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Serve the participants} \\
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Align participant incentives with  
system goals} \\
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright Information} \ar[r]
					\ar @/_/[rd]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Provide information where it will  
affect action}  \\
				 	& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Protect information from  
inappropriate use} \\
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright Technology} \ar[r]
					\ar @/_/[rd]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Use appropriate technology}  \\
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Minimise effort consumed by  
technology} \\
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright Infrastructure} \ar[r]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Take full advantage of  
infrastructure} \\
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright Environment} \ar[r]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Minimise unnecessary conflict with  
the external environment} \\
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright Strategy} \ar[r]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Support the firm's strategy} \\
				\parbox{3cm}{\raggedright System as a whole} \ar[r]
					\ar @/_/[rd]
					\ar @/_/[rdd]
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Minimise unnecessary risks} \\
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Maintain balance between work system  
elements} \\
					& \parbox{6cm}{\raggedright Maintain the ability to adapt,  
change, and grow}  }
Alan T Litchfield
PO Box 1941, Auckland, 1140
New Zealand

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