[texhax] xetex: using fonts with missing glyphs

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Thu Dec 2 19:54:49 CET 2010

Thanks, Uwe, Reinhard, and Ulrike, for your answers. I'm just back from
hospital after an accident, that's why I didn't react earlier.

Uwe, you asked about what created the problem. Background: for some fantasy
roleplaying events I want to typeset a lot of (german) text in futhark, an
old runic aphabet. The only fonts I found up to now only contain the pure
runic alphabet, no punctuation marks, and even for some letters there's no
'translation'. Knowing the fonts' purpose, I wouldn't expect otherwise. So
now I am looking for an easy way to expand those futhark fonts for my

My first solution was a perl script that adds the necessary font change
commands. It works, but is far from elegant. In the next days, I will have
a look at fontforge and at virtual fonts. Thanks for those suggestions.


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