[texhax] beamer and "Read out loud"

James Quirk jjq at galcit.caltech.edu
Fri Apr 23 07:12:20 CEST 2010

> Here I've just grabbed two pre-existing demos from a company called 
> SitePal, and they probably won't have universal appeal to the readers of 
> this group. But it would appear to be possible for SitePal suscribers to 
> author their own SWF's, with calls to the underlying TTS engine, in which 
> case one could construct a more serious example. Unfortunatly, given the 
> amount of money involved, I very much doubt that ``she who must be 
> obeyed'' would sanction the project. :-(
I've taken advantage of SitePal's 15 day free trial to produce:


which is a better example for those interested in tts for mathematics.
Note that the avatar weighs in at just 9029 bytes. Also note it should
be possible to synchronize the text with highlighting of the equation,
which would be quite useful when dealing with expressions that
cover an entire page. 


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