[texhax] Re : Help Please: need Tex Live 2009

Boumediene TOUIL touildiden at yahoo.fr
Fri Apr 9 01:58:04 CEST 2010

Dear M. Robin,
Thank you very much, I will 
never forget your help.


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Dear Boumediene,

I will send you a copy of the 2009 TeX Collection DVD! It will ship 
(via the US postal service, first class) Friday, 09 Apr.

Best of luck with your projects!


TUG office


At 07:13 AM 4/8/2010, Boumediene TOUIL wrote:
>Dear Sir,
>I am PhD student in Physics in Algeria and I'd like to type the 
>manuscript of my thesis, my reports and articles in Latex format. 
>It's really top.
>Unfortunately, here at home, this software is unobtainable, and I 
>can not download and install it because the internet connection at 
>home is very low.
>Please Sir, can you send me the DVD TeX Collection 2009 
>which includes the french version of Tex Live 2009 for Windows vista and Linux.
>I wish to inform you, Sir, that my reasons do not allow me to buy it.
>Thank you in advance,
>Best regards,
>Boumediene TOUIL
>Boumediene TOUIL
>N15, Hai Commandant Ferradj 2
>Ain El-Turck
>31014 Oran
>Email: <mailto:touildiden at yahoo.fr>touildiden at yahoo.fr
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