[texhax] tex filename backtrace utility

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Apr 7 12:54:09 CEST 2010

I was just looking through ctan.org/pkg for another thing and found "FiNK" 
again that provides a macro bearing the file currently processed. May this 
help? Personally, I find the README information about "FiNK" little 
helpful, it has not been the first time now. -- Uwe.

At 03:07 14.02.10, Karl Berry wrote:
>Sometimes it would be helpful for tex debugging to get a "backtrace" of
>the files that tex is executing.  It could be something static, that
>reads a .log file (or maybe .fls file from -recorder) and reports on
>which files were opened and closed in some way that is readable for deep
>I seem to recall that auctex and presumably front ends have dealt with
>extracting the filenames, at least, out of the mess of garbage printed
>to the terminal on a typical run, parsing all the open/close parens, but
>I've been unable to find anything that works as a separate utility.
>Does anyone know of something to do this?
>Failing anything else, I wonder about adding a new primitive to pdftex
>to dump the input stack at any point.  Then we could get line numbers
>too, I expect.
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