[texhax] Footnotes in separate file

teli at mails.selgrad.org teli at mails.selgrad.org
Mon Apr 5 23:43:07 CEST 2010


> Most folding is designed for hiding sections of computer code.  But
> you are right that this would be ideal in some ways.  There is a patch
> for vim that will let it hide code within a line, as well as (as is
> usual) whole lines, but it is quite a pain to get working properly.  I
> thought that a LaTeX solution might provide a more portable solution.

To use code folding in vim you don't have to apply any patches. You
could just use foldmarkers to get what you want.

text text text \footnote
% [[[
{The text of the footnote.}
% ]]]
text continues here.

Just put this at the end of your file to activate the appropriate
folding method:
% vim: set foldmethod=marker foldmarker=[[[,]]]: 

:help foldmethod
:help foldmarker

You can open the folds with zo, and close them with zc in normal mode.
See :help fold for more details.

Hope it is not impolite to suggest a non-Tex solution on the list :)


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