[texhax] Figure numbers in endfloat environment

hh-brasil at bol.com.br hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Sun Apr 4 06:59:37 CEST 2010

The way might be to find out where and in which your packets the \thefigure command is redefined and change it there. No simple way.

But when I read the description in the packet endfloat, it mentions that there is a file 
*.fff created with the entries for the endfloat. Is there any way to put changes in this file by hand?

It also mentions that there was a version with a bug (version 2.2 ?). Are you sure that your version is not the bugged one?

And of course the 'nolists' option "does not" create some list!

Also there is a much overseen fact that the right numbers  
in floats like figures are normally created by the captions,
not by \begin{figure} or \begin{table}. 
Your label should be placed after the \caption. If there is no \caption, other ways must be used to keep the counting (e.g. like \refstepcounter{figure} before a \label).
This might be the case for your work, if I interpret your description below right. 
There is no way for a figure number like 2.0 (but which might well mean a figure in chapter/section 2 with with the label at the wrong place).   

There is a lot more written in the manual (endfloat.dtx), but for
this more detailed work knowledge (who wants what and how it is done???) is needed.

Further there seems to be a problem with rotated figures (or tables).

At the end it might be easier to write this part by hand? I do not know.


Em 03/04/2010 11:09, aslez at ssc.wisc.edu escreveu:
no luck.  i think that \endfloat is overriding the \thefigure counter, as
suggested by the fact that \thefigure shows up as 2.0 after the figure,
meaning that it isn't even recognizing the figure.  I looked into altering
the endfloat.cfg file, but it seems like this file only deals with
rotating figures.

> Try to define it again:
> \def\thefigure{\arabirabic{chapter}.\arabic{figure}}
> just before \begin{document}
> It seems that the \thefigure command is changed somewhere in your
> packets.
> hh
> Em 02/04/2010 21:43, aslez at ssc.wisc.edu escreveu:
> Thanks for the reply.  Not sure whether you meant for me to send this to
> you or the list, but here goes.
> When I use \usepackage[nolists]{endfloat} in the preamble, the figure is
> listed as 4.1 in the list of figures (i.e. as section 4, figure 1) and
> figure 1 in the marker, while the \thefigure command returns a value of
> 2.0.
> The output from the \meaning\thefigure command doesn't cut and paste
> correctly.  What should I be looking for here?
> When I drop \usepackage[nolists]{endfloat} from the preamble, the figure
> is listed as 2.1 throughout.
> Do you recommend sending this to the list?
>> Is there a chance to can find out what your current
>> \thefigure is? Try \meaning\thefigure? And send the results.
>> hh

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