[texhax] Unpacking *.iso.lzma texlive file

Henry Law news at lawshouse.org
Wed Sep 23 16:17:45 CEST 2009

G B Evans wrote:
> I downloaded this file, approx 1.2GB form my local CTAN server, but am
> unable to unpack it. I am a Windows Xp user and I found the instructions
> minimal for doing this. It suggests downloading various lzma tools 
> from the
> web but nothing about what you do with them.

The TeX live download page says
> If you prefer a Windows GUI interface to deal with the lzma files, try 
> 7-zip <http://www.7-zip.org>, version 4.58 or later. 

7Zip is easy to install and use - just go to its website, download the 
executable, and run it from wherever your browser has installed it.  
Fire it up once on its own and it should install a context menu item so 
that subsequently right-clicking on a compressed archive (the Tex live 
iso in this case) will let you run it.  Have you tried it? ... it's 
quite straightforward!  Using 7Zip isn't a TeX matter so mail me direct 
if you want more help.


Henry Law            Manchester, England 

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