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Donn Miller-Kermani dkermani at fit.edu
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Hi Lars

I have attached all the files including the stylefiles from the publisher.  The error occurs at line 8 of the bibliography which is \bibitem{cord10}
I can't see anything wrong. I have been line by line through all the chapters.  I am using PCTex v. 5.1.  That really should not make this happen. 


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Donn Miller-Kermani wrote:
> I am trying to compile a book file using the publisher's sty files using PCTex.  I can compile it one time, do the bibtex, makeidx, and then when I try to compile again, I get this error
> Something's wrong--perhaps a missing \item
> I have been through everything and cannot find the problem. Can someone please help? I am three months on getting this book to the publisher.  Thanks so much

it is very hard to help without more information about your document.
Have you tried taking a copy of your book, place it in a different dir,
and then start to remove/outcomment stuff until the error goes away.
That at least will give you a clue as to where it is located.

Also that error, should have a line number attached to it.

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