[texhax] Advanced Ligature Handling in .pl Files

Stan texforeverything at att.net
Tue Sep 15 01:24:11 CEST 2009


Does the assignment of the boundary character matter much, or can it be  
any position that has no glyph associated to it?  For example, could I say  
"(BOUNDARYCHAR O 200)" in the .pl of cmr10?


Please note: I may have sent my original message twice.  Needless to say,  
ignore the second one.

> The details came out in a sort of news-letter form in the same year that
> DEK conceded the addition of some details to TeX.  We are back, I think
> in the late 80s for this, and perhaps someone with a less leaky memory
> than I have can recall where to find a copy of this newsletter.  It is
> associated with the designation TeX3.xxxxxx and the beginning of version
> control based on pi.
> At the moment, the best I can do is give you an example where the
> advanced techniques are very much in use.  Most of what I did depends on
> the use of the slash, which causes the letter you are
> using in a ligature to be retained for further evaluation.  That is how
> w(=| gets turned into an omega with three accents.
> The ibylig4.mf file has all the ligatures for ibycus coding.  The use of
> the vertical bar is something that you may be able to decipher, but I
> grant you it is not easy, even for me after all these years.
> I know that this is deplorably opaque, and helps only a little.  What
> you really need is the DEK description, and I hope someone can find you
> a copy.
> Pierre MacKay

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