[texhax] pst-barcode with pdflatex

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Sep 2 10:12:31 CEST 2009

Jeff Hamann schrieb:
> I'm guessing this isn't a new question, but I've having a little trouble
> getting traction on a solution.
> I've been trying to use pst-barcode with pdflatex with no success.
> I've tried just about every combination of options from the pst-barcode
> examples I could find.
> Is there a solution?


  {9781860742712}{includetext guardwhitespace}{ean13}


with latex->dvips->ps2pdf  you'll get a pdf file with the
bounding box of (-5mm,-3mm)(1.5in,1in)

running the file with the script ps4pdf <file> you'll
get a letter sized pdf with the barcode

alternative run (it is what the script ps4pdf does)

latex <file.tex>
dvips -Ppdf -o <file-pics.ps> <file.dvi>
ps2pdf -dAutoRotatePages=/None <file-pics.ps> <file-pics.pdf>
pdflatex <file.tex>


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