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Well I am not in the UK, but here in the US most institutions still want doublespacing. The reason is that (IIRC) proquest wants them that way and because they no longer print them but store them only electronically. As a result there is no pressure to save paper (not that there ever was). I've included some of the exceptions I know of below. 

Princeton allows singlespace but not doublesided:

UTexas allows onehalf and doublespacing but no singlespacing:

USF allows single, onehalf and doublespace:

Georgia Tech allows onehalf for certain fonts:

Btw I have yet to hear of a university that accepted a doublesided dissertation. 



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A little off-topic but I hope people don't mind.

I've just taken a close look at my university's regs and it appears that we still require students to submit their MSc or PhD theses double-spaced and single-sided.  I was wondering if more enlightened institutions have progressed to the stage where students can submit single-spaced and double-sided.

If you have regs that are less wasteful (especially if you're at a UK institution), could you drop me an email saying so?  I'll use it as evidence to help drag us towards the 21st century -- and maybe save some trees -- and update the LaTeX style that many of our students use.

Many thanks in advance.

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